FPSC Preparation Books pdf Free Download

You are on the right page if you are you looking for PPSC/FPSC Test Preparation books PDF 2021 or Past Papers. We have some free Books for you for the preparation of FPSC Job test which includes Sample papers, Past Papers, Papers Pattern, Solved mcqs 2021 in PDF format. The FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) is a government agency responsible for hiring and administering the provincial civil services and management services in Punjab Province.

All FPSC Dogar Brothers, Caravan, Advanced Important Solved questions and other Updated pdf Books download from our website. how to achieve success in any of FPSC exams, we are telling you some good books which will help you prepare for this Examination. FPSC Preparation Books pdf Free Download online without any trouble.

FPSC Preparation Books pdf Download

Many candidates have been doing FPSC Test for many years, but they still can not pass the exam. If you are one of those students too, do not worry, because in this post, I will tell you how to make the preparation of FPSC very easy. So keep reading this whole article carefully if you want to pass in any FPSC test. It would be better for you to practice solving the questions within the stipulated time frame. So, if you are preparing for FPSC exam, it is very important to know the exam pattern.

PPSC Paper Pattern

In addition, we will also explain to you the study materials related to all FPSC/PPSC tests which will prove to be very helpful in improving your level of preparation.

PPSC Lecturer Test Preparation Books 2021

The study of the main publishers on the online preparation platform, which means that the practice of tests series is available for the convenience. Here we are providing a list of the best books related to each section to prepare for the exam according to the full course, which is as follows.

FPSC Past Papers

All FPSC Past Papers Download in PDF. If you still have any doubts or questions about your mind, please mention it in the comments section below and for better response.

FPSC Past Papers 2016
 Essay Economy of Pakistan
 English (Precis and Composition)Public Administration
General KnowledgeConstitution Law including Constitution of Pakistan
Specialized Paper for Office Management – IEnglish Literature
Specialized Paper for Office Management – IIGeography
Accountancy and AuditingHistory of Pakistan and India
 Basic Mathematics and Statistics History of USA
 Business AdministrationInternational Relations
Computer SciencePolitical Science
Development Economics
FPSC Past Papers pdf 2017
Accounting & Auditing.pdfGeography.pdf
Basic Mathematics.pdfHistory of Pakistan.pdf
Business Administration.pdfHistory of USA.pdf
Computer Science.pdfInternational Relations.pdf
Constitutional law.pdfPolitical Science.pdf
Development Economics.pdfPublic Administration.pdf
Economy of Pakistan.pdfSpecialized Paper-I.pdf
English (Precis & Composition).pdfSpecialized Paper-II.pdf
English Literature.pdfGeneral Knowledge.pdf
FPSC Past Papers 2018
Accountancy & Auditing-IEuropean History
Accountancy & Auditing-IIGK-I
Agriculture & ForestryGK-II Current Affairs
AnthropologyGK-III Pakistan Affairs
Applied MathsGender Studies
BotanyGovernance & Public Policy
British HistoryHistory of P & I
Business AdministrationHistory of USA
Chemistry -II.R – I
Chemistry -III.R – II
Comparitive StudiesInternational Law
Computer Science- IIslamic History & Culture
Computer Science- IIIslamic Studies
Constitutional LawJournalism & Mass Communication
Economics -IIMercantile Law
Economics- IPersian
English (P&C)Philosophy
English LiteraturePhysics- I
Environmental SciencePhysics- II
EssayPolitical Science- I
SindhiPolitical Science- II
StatisticsPublic Administration
Town Planning & Urban ManagementPunjabi
Urdu LiteraturePure Maths
FPSC Past Papers 2019 pdf
Accountancy & Auditing-II.R – I
Accountancy & Auditing-III.R – II
Agriculture & ForestryInternational Law
AnthropologyIslamic History & Culture
Applied MathsIslamic Studies
ArabicJournalism & Mass Communication
BotanyMercantile Law
British HistoryPersian
Business AdministrationPhilosophy
Chemistry -IPhysics- I
Chemistry -IIPhysics- II
Comparitive StudiesPolitical Science- I
Computer Science- IPolitical Science- II
Computer Science- IIPsychology
Constitutional LawPublic Administration
Economics -IIPure Maths
Economics- IPushto
English (P&C)Sindhi
English LiteratureSociology
Environmental ScienceStatistics
EssayTown Planning & Urban Management
European HistoryUrdu Literature
GK-II Current AffairsGovernance & Public Policy
GK-III Pakistan AffairsHistory of P & I
Gender StudiesHistory of USA
FPSC Past Papers 2020 Download
Accountancy & Auditing-I subjective.pdfPhyscis-II subjective.pdf
Accountancy & Auditing-II subjective.pdfPol.science paper-1 subjective.pdf
Agriculture & Forestry subjective.pdfPsychology subjective.pdf
Applied maths subjective.pdfPublic Administration subjective.pdf
Arabic subjective.pdfPure Maths subjective.pdf
balochi subjective.pdfSindhi subjective.pdf
BOTANY subjective.pdfSociology subjective.pdf
Chemistry, Paper-I subjective.pdfStatistics subjective.pdf
Chemistry-2 subjective.pdfTown Planning subjective.pdf
Comparitive Studies subjectice.pdfUrdu Literature subjective.pdf
Computer Science, Paper-2 subjective.pdfZoology subjective.pdf
Constitutional Law subjective.pdfPunjabi-Subjective.pdf
Crimnology subjective.pdfJournalism subjective.pdf
Economics paper-1 subjective.pdfAnthropology subjective.pdf
Economics paper-2 subjective.pdfBritish History subjective.pdf
English (P&C) subjective -1 page.pdfBusiness Administration subjective.pdf
English literature subjective.pdfComputer Science-1 subjective.pdf
Environmental Science subjective.pdfPol.science paper-2 subjective.pdf
Essay.pdfIslamic History & culture subjective.pdf
European History subjective.pdfIslamic Studies subjective.pdf
Gender Studies subjective.pdflaw subjective.pdf
Geography subjective.pdfMercantile Law subjective.pdf
Geology subjective.pdfMuslim Law & Jurisprudence subjective – Copy.pdf
GK2 CURRENT AFFAIRS subjective.pdfpashto subjective.pdf
GK3 PAK AFFAIRS subjective.pdfPersian subjective.pdf
GK-I subjective 1 page .pdfPHILOSOPHY subjective.pdf
Governance & P.Policies subjective.pdfIR-1 Subjective.pdf
Hist. Pak India subjective.pdfIR-II Subjective .pdf
History of USA subjective.pdfInternational Law subjectivey.pdf
FPSC & PPSC Test Preparation Books PDF
World G.K and Pakistan Download
PPSC FPSC Solved MCQs Important Notes Download
PPSC Pharmacist Test based MCQS type Book and Past papers Download
Math MCQS notes book for PPSC Download
A complete Mcq’s book about Quaid e Azam and pakistan Download
Popular Name of Personalities Download
Information About IslamDownload
Inspector Custom / Intelligence Officer Guide Download


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